Ode to Beer!

Most people in and around Washington know that the Yakima Valley is recognized for it’s wine.  With nearly 100 local wineries and tasting rooms there’s nothing that wont satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

But, did you know that 78% of the entire nation’s hops are grown here in the Yakima Valley as well??

While most hops get sent across state line to become something delicious, craft beverage companies are beginning to take their stance locally as well.  That’s right…. you don’t have to drive to Portland to get a decent micro-brew anymore.  Yakima offers several varieties, it’s almost always sunny and only 30 minutes drive from camping at Elk Ridge Campground.  So, why not sample a few, pic your fave and bring it on up to enjoy at your little cabin on the Naches River?

Yakima Beer Blog

Better yet…..

How would you like to attend a special event weekend and have the local beer, wine, and cider (or moonshine… )brought directly to you while your camping with us?  We’re talking food, brew, music, fire and a comfy place to lay your head.  Well, that’s in the works too so stay tuned!

How many of YOU would like to be a part of a weekend of tasting what the Yakima Valley has to offer?

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  1. Jeri
    Jeri says:

    oooooo!!!! I remember you saying you wanted to do this when we were up for our girls weekend in August. This would be a blast to do!! Sign me up!


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