Deer, Dogs and Deep Thoughts

Last evening, around dusk, I was walking with a few of our campers out back (mountain-term for just about anywhere that’s not where you currently are; in this case, the meadow).  I was showing them a hoof print of what is presumably a very large elk, explaining how they follow a trail down Bald Mountain, through our neighbor’s property, then on to our meadow and out to the beach for water.


Well, just as we bent down to put our Sherlock Holmes investigating skills to the test, along came a deer.  We thought it was a cute little thing so we stood to watch it, and there she stood, staring back at us.  It seemed we could have gone on for hours just staring at each other, when I realized we were going to have to make the first move.  I thought to myself, the deer must think she’s protecting herself by standing still.  Not so if I had been a hunter!

I went about my evening and, after nightfall, our faithful “guard” dog, Chloe decided to bark at some unassuming campers resting on our porch, checking emails, etc. It occurred to me, first, that a dog must be talented to both bark and wag their tails at people simultaneously.  And, second, I realized how species of animals react entirely different to people when startled by them.  A deer stands still, staring, and hoping not to be noticed.  While a dog is jumping, leaping, barking and wagging, begging to be paid attention to.


I know people (humans….) who exhibit some of the same social skills, don’t you?

Fortunately, I have never come face to face with a Cougar but am told they will stalk you, wait until you are alone and then pounce.  Yikes! (Also similar to behavior of some people LOL).

So, who are you most like?  Introverted deer, extroverted dog or some other animal in the wild?

Happy Trails, whoever you are… 🙂

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