Spring Break

10 Reasons to Spring Break at Elk Ridge

As winter melts away and spring begins to push through, we understand that camping might not quite be on your radar yet.  After all, you’ve got cleaning to do, right?? 🙂  It’s true, nights are still cool, and sometimes even frigid in the mountains, and yet the season for winter snow-sports like snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing has come and gone.  So, why should you consider spending spring break at Elk Ridge?  Here’s ten out-of-the-box reasons to head for the hills this spring:

  1. Shed Hunting  shedSpring is the season to search for antlers dropped by dear and elk in the hills.  You don’t need any special license to search for these beauties, and they can be taken home to and used to make furniture or home decor
  2. Mushroom Picking  ChanterelleSnow-melt provides the perfect environment for mushrooms to grow, and the U.S. Forest Service lands that surround Elk Ridge allow you to harvest up to 3 gallons of mushrooms per day for personal use without obtaining a permit.  Stop in at the Naches Ranger Station to get maps and information about local mushrooms (and be sure to avoid the poisonous ones!)
  3. Campfires  fireIf your idea of camping includes making smores around a fire then spring might be a great season for you.  Our warm, dry summer season usually includes a burn ban to protect our area from wildfires.  Camping when the fire danger is low means you’ll get to have the burnt marshmallows and smoke in your eyes you remember from your childhood.
  4. Unplug from technology  connectThere is no cell service at Elk Ridge, and no T.V. or wifi available throughout the cabins and grounds.  If you’re looking to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature, family, friends or spirit, then head to the hills where unplugging is a little easier.
  5. Off-season means less people  less peopleMany travel publications suggest traveling abroad in off-season to beat the crowds and experience the life of the locals.  Camping at Elk Ridge is no different!  We strive to help you enjoy your camping experience no matter the season, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in R&R, spring is your season to get a little extra elbow room.
  6. Bird-watching  stellers-jay-2a            The birds are already beginning to chirp this year!  Spring is the season for birds to nest and have their young, so when they aren’t mating, they are searching for food to bring back to their nests.  In addition to hearing the songbirds sing, you can spot and try to identify the several types of birds by their vibrant colors.
  7. Elk and Sheep Spotting  sheepDuring the winter months, local elk and big horned sheep are fed at feeding stations to protect the orchards.  Spring is a time when they have to begin searching for their own food again and the weather is cool enough to keep them visible in the mountain low-lands.  Bring your camera and go for a drive to spot the impressive animals in their natural habitat.
  8. “Off-roading” on roads  4x4Bring your 4×4 to the mountains and put a little mud on the tires.  Off-road vehicle trails will remain closed until the middle of June, but there’s plenty of forest service roads to explore.
  9. Chase Waterfalls  waterfallSpring is the best season to see waterfalls.  Snow-melt and warmer temperatures cause rivers to run higher and waterfalls to flow more heavily.  The Naches Ranger District lists 9 official waterfalls to find in our area while you’re camping with us.
  10. Sun-worshiping  sunshineOn average, our area gets over 200 days of sun per year and only 26 inches of rain.  While we can’t guarantee a perfectly sunny day, your chances of waking up to sunshine instead of rain are significantly higher here, especially when compared to western Washington and the Seattle metro area.  So, get that camping gear down from the attic, the RV out of storage and your camera ready to shoot your adventures at Elk Ridge this spring.
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  1. Saundra
    Saundra says:

    We are leaving here today after a week long visit. This has been the most relaxing vacation in a long time. Thank you Tim, Julie, and family.

    • Elkridge
      Elkridge says:

      Thanks for staying with us Saundra! It was so nice meeting you, hosting you and getting to know you. Keep in touch!

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    PearlBee says:

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