Glamping. Defined:

“Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.” (Urban Dictionary)

“Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping.” (Wikipedia)

“Informal. the activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home” (Urban Dictionary)

Recently we had a camper stay with us that suggested we get shirts with the phrase “I went glamping at Elk Ridge”.  We had been considering getting shirts made to sell in our little convenience store, but never had it occurred to us before that we might be considered a place to “glamp” at.  After all, we are a campground;  we have RV hookups and humble cabins many would consider rustic.

If you talk to someone who grew up camping in a tent, they often share the opinion that anything else is not real camping.  It’s the idea that you have to pitch your own tent, sleep between rocks and cook your food on an open fire.  “Roughing it” is was makes the experience of camping so special.

But, if you talk to someone who grew up camping in an RV, their story is a little different.  My family had a truck and camper when I was little.  I remember going across several state lines playing games with my sister while sitting at the table, swaying with every turn in the road.  Riding in the camper was part of the experience.  And, I am sure having a warm place with running water and electricity was easier on my parents with two girls to take care of.  Even still, we weren’t quite an “un-plugged” as the tenter.

What about the people who now have such luxurious motor homes and 5th wheels they can live in them for part or all of the year?  We’ve seen travelers that have enough room in their rigs that they had a nanny travel with them for their kids while they toured the country.  We’ve also seen electric fireplaces, kitchens with islands and even king sized beds!  Is this still considered camping??!!  Well, I personally think so, but I bet many of our readers don’t.

Enter the term “glamping”.  Glamorous camping.

We hadn’t thought much about making Elk Ridge a glamping destination.  We’ve just always striven to make the experience for our customers better and better.  The idea that a camper has suggested that we are that kind of place makes me smile 🙂


Tim’s recent project was to complete the transformation of our Gathering Place.  Formerly known as the Karltown Garage, Tim (with a little help) insulated, sided, floored and made a cozy place for watching football on the big screen.  We also play movies for the kiddos during the summer and the Gathering Place has already been rented out as a special event venue.  Thank you to our loyal campers whose support has given us the strength, determination and resources to to make it happen!

Many of you also know that we have a spa on site here at Elk Ridge.  The intention of our business model was not to create a campground and spa (but what a great idea, right??).  I have just been incredibly blessed to continue on with my sixteen year career as a massage therapist, here at my home…. on a mountain…. by the river…. with the awesome support of our community.


So yes, you can camp here at Elk Ridge by way of tent, RV or cabin.  You can also relax in the gathering place with your beverage of choice, watch the game or movie on a 106 inch screen.  You can schedule a massage in the Spa at Elk Ridge to get that kink out of your neck or just relax on your vacation a little bit more.  We aren’t sure if this is glamping, but if it is, we hope you like it.

Happy Trails,

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  1. Mary Van Hees
    Mary Van Hees says:

    You and Tim have worked hard and it shows. Elk Ridge campground is a great place, and the owners are a welcome addition to our community.

  2. Paul and Janet Morris
    Paul and Janet Morris says:

    We love it there! And we love that it has something for everyone. And we love that you and Tim have taken your dreams and passions and talents and turned them into something as incredible as Elk Ridge. So I say, let’s not label it anything but a great place to get away!


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