Scents of Spring

WildflowersThe long winter is over, and although the first official day of Spring was March 20th, it wasn’t until recently that I can look outside and both think and feel that spring has sprung.  Melting snow, longer days, chirping birds and warming sun all help, but today I could smell it…….that smell….. oh that smell!  Do you know what I am talking about?  Depending on where you live your “spring smell” may be different then the scent that’s floating through the air here in the Nile Valley.  It’s not a flowery perfume from wildflowers or the fresh fragrance that comes from a shower of rain.  It’s that smell that comes from those sticky yellow pods; the ones that fall from trees before they get their leaves.  Yes, they stick to everything (including our poor dogs’ paws) and carry with them the sweet aroma of “things are changing”.

WildflowerA quick drive to Yakima today and I could see change all around me; leaves coming back, the green hills that will turn to brown in the summer heat, splashes of color from flowers where we saw white from snow a month ago.  Growth, renewal, warmth….. it just makes you want to breathe it all in, doesn’t it?  Especially that smell 😊 (Tim thinks I’m crazy!)

Before moving to Naches we lived in Tacoma, where the scent of spring came from a lilac tree in our backyard.  And, Just a few weeks ago while visiting my mother in Arizona, I discovered a new spring scent; one that comes from a desert bush with beautiful white blossoms. I am sure you have a favorite smell of the season, don’t you?  Wherever you are, I hope you can stop to smell the scents of spring all over this country, and breathe it all in while it lasts.       

Happy Trails to you,


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