7 All New Resolutions for New Year’s

New Year’s resolutions- love them, hate them, or turn your back on them?  For some they provide an opportunity to start afresh and set new goals; for others it’s a nagging reminder that what you should do and want to do are two entirely different things.  But, no matter which side of the fence you sit on, it’s time to check in.  We are 15 days into the first month of the year so far. Does your thermometer read “hot, passionate and excited about the new year” or have you cooled off a little bit? Whether you made an actual resolution or not, you were most-likely optimistic going into 2018.  What are some of the things you are hoping for this year?  Are you still on track to meet your goals?

Dictionary.com defines resolution as “a firm decision or determination to do something”.  It doesn’t say “you must eat quinoa and kale three times a week” although it seems, when asked, most people resolve to eat “better”, exercise, lose weight, etc.  Yes, those things are important for overall health (I, myself, have given up processed sugar), but we’d like to challenge you to break out of that mold and allow yourself to have fun, get crazy and set some new resolutions; ones to keep you motivated and inspired (instead of longing for the cake you promised yourself you wouldn’t eat!)

Here are 7 fresh resolution ideas we came up with, and how staying at Elk Ridge can help you keep them.

  1. Enjoy nature more- We are in the foothills of the central Washington Cascade Mountains, providing endless trails for hiking, 4x4ing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and the list goes on! And if you were hoping to get more exercise in 2018, here’s an exciting and refreshing way to do it.
  2. Unplug from technology- No cell service or cable here. At Elk Ridge you can truly unplug from social media, email and the news.  Bring a book or check out a DVD; your stress will be less when you leave us.
  3. Spend more quality time with family- Nothing says quality time like sitting around a campfire together; roast hot dogs, toast marshmallows and play some games that don’t require a controller.
  4. Take time to pamper yourself- Visit the Spa at Elk Ridge and enjoy a relaxing massage
  5. Eat out less- healthy eating is easier when you control the ingredients and portion size. All nine of our cabins have kitchens for your convenience.  But hey, if you aren’t in the mood then just head a few miles up to a local restaurant- you only live once. 😊
  6. Support local businesses- Supporting a local business helps support our community’s economy. When choosing Elk Ridge you will have a unique experience in a family owned business with people who are personally vested in your satisfaction.
  7. Try a new sport- Why not head into the hills and try looking for antlers that have been shed by elk in March and April? Have you ever hunted for wild turkey in the spring?  How about fly fishing?  (Yes, it is allowed on the Naches River directly from our shore.)

What speaks to you?  In a fast paced, fast food and fast technology society, how do you slow your roll?

I think I will resolve to write more blogs……

Happy Trails,

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  1. Lori Fort
    Lori Fort says:

    Resolution opportunities that sound WONDERFUL! ELKRIDGE certainly is a great opportunity to keep a resolution. Lifetime client


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