This 30 minute service is our specialty. With focus on detailed neck and upper-back work, you’ll be saying good-bye to that crick in your neck in no-time. Herbal oils aid in the pain relieving effect of this treatment, followed by a hot towel compress to face and scalp massage.

Price: $45


Natural oils are blended with sea salts and applied to your back, legs and feet to soften skin, improve circulation and promote detoxification. Hot   towels are used to reveal softened, refreshed skin in this 30 minute service that can be booked alone or added to any massage service.

Price: Stand-alone or add-on $40


Elk Ridge Signature Massage

Grounding and meditative, this service utilizes long, flowing strokes to gently knead away stress and tension from the body. Includes hot towel compress and moisturizing masque application to feet. ELEMENT~ EARTH

Price: 30 minute- $45, 60 minute- $70, 90 minute -$120


This firm pressure, deep tissue massage is good for those with chronic aches and pains. Knots of discomfort are broken down and health is restored to the muscles by improving circulation and range of motion. ELEMENT~ FIRE

Price: 30 minute- $45, 60 minute- $70, 90 minute -$120


Relax as stones hand-picked from the Naches River are heated and used to massage away tight or sore muscles from head to toe. This warming treatment can be combined with light, relaxing strokes or deep tissue massage. ELEMENT- WATER

Price: 30 minute- $45, 60 minute- $70, 90 minute -$120


This invigorating massage is good for athletes, workout enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Includes brisk strokes and stretches to improve flexibility and reduce recovery time. ELEMENT- AIR

Price: 30 minute- $45, 60 minute- $70, 90 minute -$120