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One year down!  It’s hard to believe we are already celebrating our first anniversary as the new owners of Elk Ridge Campground.  Its been a fabulous year of growth, change, learning new skills and making new friends! Many of you (our faithful followers) have been watching our progress since the beginning, so to celebrate this milestone, rather then recap the last year, I have decided answer one of our most frequently asked questions: our story; how it all began.  More specifically, “how did YOU end up HERE?

So, here we go…….

It all started with Tim’s father (Rich).  He loved the Nile Valley and brought Tim (and his siblings) hunting and camping in the area throughout their childhood.  Residing in this pass today brings back those childhood memories for Tim, but it also serves as a way we honor my late father-in-law.  We lost dad to a heart attack on Jan 1st, 2014, just before our dreams of moving here became a reality.


RIP Dad Hoefer; we miss you!

Ever since I met Tim he talked about wanting to own property on Chinook pass.  And after we started dating (in 2007) we began taking many day trips and weekend getaways to the area.  Tim brought his son on a yearly camping tradition, and some weekends we’d head over the pass for the weekend and bring Tim’s parents with us.

(You might be wondering where we are from….   Yes, we are originally “west-siders”; we come from Tacoma.)

On one of those weekends in fall  of 2013, we were celebrating my birthday and enjoying the local talent of Don Forgey.  That’s the night we met the infamous “Krazy Karl”.  As Karl would say, he and Tim are both “shy” so they hit it off right away.  Karl mentioned he owned Elk Ridge, suggesting we come check his place out.  So we did.

Thereafter, whenever we traveled to the Nile, we stopped in to visit Krazy Karl.  And, once Karl heard about the passing of Tim’s dad in 2014, he invited us to come to Elk Ridge and stay for the weekend.

One weekend turned into another and soon I couldn’t keep Tim away from Elk Ridge!  He spent nearly every weekend throughout the summer and fall with Karl, raking pine needles, talking to campers and helping out, but mostly just getting to know Krazy Karl.

There’s no other way to describe the relationship between Tim and Karl but to say that they’ve adopted one another as father and son.  Certainly no one could replace Dad Hoefer, but Elk Ridge gave Tim a place to grieve, and Karl filled an incredible void.

tim and karl

So, how did we become the new owners of Elk Ridge?  Well that’s a story that only Tim, Karl and the squirrels could tell you.  This picture was taken November 29th, 2014, directly after they signed the paperwork that sealed the deal, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We took over as new owners of Elk Ridge on January 2nd, 2015 and our hope is that, “one year later”, with the help of my dad, Bob, we’ve made:

children smile, parents laugh, couples bond, family memories

and most importantly……

we hope that we’ve made Rich and Karl proud.


Thanks to all of you who help make 2015 so special for us. :)



Oh…… and as for Krazy Karl…… he’s enjoying the freedom of retirement!  He’s still around Elk Ridge every now and then so come for a visit in Spring if you want to have a “pork chop” with the Krazy troubadour we call Karl.